Weekend Remix: Trancecore SaGa

Song: T260G
By: Urimu
Based On: T260G Final Battle Theme from SaGa Frontier
Original Composer: Kenji Ito

Time to begin a new SaGA for this edition of the Weekend Remix.

SaGa Frontier is probably regarded as a cult PSOne classic here in the states. But one of it’s standout features was definitely the music composed by the masterful Kenji Ito.

Ito easily played around with different music styles like he was pulling each selection from a random deck of cards as if he was a magician. And that played into one of SaGA’s unique strengths, which was its variety of protagonists. Each character’s final battle theme’s simply fit, especially for the ancient mec T260G.

His theme was already in a neat techno field. And Urimu doesn’t stray away from that with this remix but chooses to go even deeper. A breakneck tempo and ray gun synths give this theme a sense of fun urgency that would have made the stakes of T260G’s final battle seem grander.

Or at least unconsciously groove on the dance floor.

You can find more from Urimu here.

Until next weekend…GO Party!

Ernie Capagal

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