Weekend Remix – Row Row Fight The Techno!

Song: “Libera Me” from Hell Remix (faster version) 
By: DJ Gotcha
Based On: Libera Me From Hell From Gurren Lagann
Original Composer: Iwasaki Taku 

Listeners, never forget. Just believe in this week’s remix! Not in the song that I believe in, not in the pixandwords that you believe in, have faith in the remix…that believes in you!

Well now that I’ve eloquently butchered one of the greatest anime quotes this side of a short skirt and tentacle, I’d like to welcome you this week’s Weekend Remix.

Libera Me From Hell should not work, given its parts. It’s this canvas of opera, brushed with strokes of b-boy rapping and a piano melody that just begs you to jog up the steps like Rocky. And yet, the final product is both beautiful and cool, much like the show.

This is probably why there haven’t been too many attempts at a remix of Iwasaki Taku’s standout tune, as there’s no way you’re going to be able to top it. Still, DJ Gotcha’s rapid remix is a fun techno attempt that’s at the very least admirable.

The straightforward techno affair is perfect for all you partying Kamina and Yoko cosplayers. And the soundbites still help keep in some of the song’s original epicness; although, I will admit that somehow working the rap back in would have set this remix to another level. Still, not a bad take on such an excellent song.

If you’d like to listen to anymore from DJ Gotcha, you can check out a few more songs here.

Until next weekend…Row Row GO Party! 


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