Weekend Remix: A Capella 64

Song: Dire Dire Docks A Capella
By:Smooth McGroove
Based On: Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64
Original Composer: Koji Kondo

This edition of The Weekend Remix is dedicated to everyone’s favorite red-wearing plumber. Normally, the Weekend Remix has stuck strictly to audio, but like the rearranger we’re focusing on this time, I figured it was okay if we broke tradition and did some video. Besides, actually witnessing how Smooth McGroove breaks down the parts of famous GO-related song is just as fun as hearing them.

If you’ve had the chance to peruse YouTube, then you may already be familiar with this artist, who manages to do some of the most detailed a capella renditions of gaming’s favorite tunes.

Dire Dire Docks, with it’s peaceful notes, would probably be easier to tackle on piano rather than voice. Heck, even a team of singers would seem more likely to handle this song instead of one voice.

Instead, what we get is a team of Mr. McGrooves that manage to cover the song probably note for note, while showcasing an impressive range that reminds us that the voice isn’t just something to be supported by instruments — it’s also an instrument as well.

If you’d like to hear more from Smooth, check out his YouTube page here.

Until next weekend…GO Party!

Ernie Capagal

Ernie Capagal

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