Weekend Box Office Estimates



Here are your top five films at the box office for the weekend of June 7th-9th:

  1. The Purge – $36.4M (Opening Weekend) – ($3M production budget)
  2. Fast & Furious 6 – $19.8M = $202,946,000 17-Day Total – ($160M production budget)
  3. Now You See Me – $19.5M = $61,374,000 10-Day Total – ($75M production budget)
  4. The Internship – $18.1M (Opening Weekend) – ($58M production budget)
  5. Epic – $12.1M = $84,155,000 17-Day Total – ($100M production budget)

The month of June got kicked off to a frightful start as the sci-fi thriller, The Purge, opened up to an incredible $36 million in its opening weekend, 12 times its $3 million production budget. The film has already turned a massive profit on top of unseating last week’s number one film, but will wind up being lost in the shuffle with the impending release of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel this coming week. 



After holding onto first the last two weeks, Fast & Furious 6 dropped down to second with a weekend take of just under $20 million. The film has now grossed a nearly $203 million over 17 days and is less than $7 million away from establishing a new franchise high. 

Dropping down to second is the magical heist flick, Now You See Me. The film only dropped a minuscule 33% from its opening for a weekend take of $19 million to bring up its 10-day total to over $61 million. With less than $14 million left to match its $75 million production budget, the Summit Entertainment movie should be able to match that number.

Debuting at number four is the Google comedy, The Internship. Despite starring the duo behind the mega hit that was The Wedding Crashers, the film instead crashed at the box office with a disappointing $18 million debut. With a $58 million production budget and more summer block busters being rolled out in the coming weeks the film looks to be a loss for 20th Century Fox.

Rounding out the top five is Blue Sky Studios’ animated flick, Epic. The film held steady in its third weekend at the box office for a haul of $11 million over the last three days. That now brings up its domestic total to over $84 million over seventeen days and should match its $100 million production budget before Pixar’s Monsters University hits theatres on June 23rd. 


Here’s how the rest of the top 10 plays out:

6. Star Trek Into Darkness – $11.7M = $200,140,000 25-Day Total – ($190M production budget)
7. After Earth – $11.2M = $46,592,000 10-Day Total – ($130M production budget)
8. The Hangover Part III – $7.4M = 102,734,000 18-Day Total – ($103M production budget)
9. Iron Man 3 – $5.8M = $394,316,000 38-Day Total – ($200M production budget)
10. The Great Gatsby – $4.2M = $136,175,000 31-Day Total – ($105M production budget)


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