Ultimate Fan Fights: Chun-Li Vs. Tifa (Street Fighter II Vs Final Fantasy VII)

Having all those debates about which character could kick another’s butt in a fight comes up in most GO-related circles at some point. And it looks like “Ultimate Fan Fights” has decided to take those dream match-ups to another level with their choreographed battles. 

The series, created by James Mark (Team 2X) and Yung Lee (GakAttack), have already produced four other episodes that’s seen popular characters like Solid Snake go up against Assassin Creed’s Ezio and Ryu against Scorpion of Mortal Kombat. For their latest episode,the ladies duke it out.

Street Fighter’s Chun-Li goes up against Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa Lockheart. Take a look at the video, and then follow the directions to vote on who you think the winner should be.


Ernie Capagal

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Ernie Capagal

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