Ti West To Adapt “Bedbugs” For Tango Pictures


Horror wunderkind Ti West (The Innkeepers) has just inked a deal to adapt Ben H. Winters’ novel Bedbugs for the newly formed Tango Pictures according to Deadline Hollywood.

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The book’s synopsis is as follows: Bedbugs is a tale of urban paranoia set in Brooklyn that follows the Wendt family as they move in to a new home and suddenly start to encounter strange occurrences. Susan Wendt begins suffering what she suspects are bedbug bites, but she’s the only one getting bitten and suddenly fears she may be going crazy. That’s until she’s confronted with a more menacing explanation for the strange things happening to her and the family.

It sounds a little strange, but West has proven to be a master of the slow-burning, hyper-intense horror film that I thought was dead until I saw his feature debut House of the Devil, which was a masterpiece of suspense. Hopefully they can get him to sign on as director also, as that would put this high up on my must-see list.


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