Steven Blum Awarded Guinness Record For Game Roles


If you’ve ever played a video game, watched a cartoon or English-dubbed anime in the last ten years or so, you’ve probably already heard his voice.


Voice actor Steven Blum has given his vocal talents to countless anime, cartoon, and video games roles.  Guinness seemed to recognize this at least on the gaming side, as earlier this week, Blum was awarded as the “most prolific videogame actor” with 261 credited appearances as of May 10 of this year.

Keep in mind, that the voice of Toonami’s Tom or Cowboy’s Bebop’s Spike Speigel has way more than 261 appearances in his total career.

Just check out his Wikipedia page for example.

Wait, he was the voice of Jaime in Megas XLR? Wicked.

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