Reminder: Giveaway Challenge



It’s still not too late to join and get a chance to win a copy of Pokémon Conquest. Round one is a must while rounds two and three are optional, but they do increase your chances of winning. Also, additional commenting since the launch of the challenge will add to your totals. 

Giveaway entries will be closed on Wednesday, May 30 and total tallies will be finalized the next day. On that coming Saturday, I will announce the winner, who will be contacted via Tumblr. This is the last reminder!

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

Former Senior Anime Reviewer (09-2010 – 04-2014)

Anthony majored in Japanese. Try guessing why.

He loves his sports, adores kittens and currently resides in South Korea working as an English teacher. He has been a part of Population GO since its relaunch in 2010, having contributed to mostly anime news and reviews.

He’s currently playing Pokémon Y, and his Friend Code is: 4570-7572-3456.

Anthony Kim