Qualcomm Holds $10 Million Tricoder Contest



Qualcomm is looking to inspire technology advancement the good old American way: cold hard cash.


The company is offering up to $10 million in prize money to the three teams that can create a working tricoder. For those that don’t know, the fictional Star Trek device could basically tell doctors what’s wrong with you medically with just a quick scan.

That’s right, with this device, a trip to the doctor could potentially mean the avoidance of uncomfortable latex covered hands on unmentionables and sharp needles in limbs.

$7 million will go to first place, $2 million to second and $1 million to third.

The competition is a part of the running X-Prize, which has involved numerous technology and science fiction influenced contests, including sequencing 100 human genomes and building a reusable launch vehicle that could go into space twice within 14 days.

[Nerd Bastards]

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