PSP2, Fall 2011


Rumors of the PSP2 are now preliminary details of this long-coveted portable device. Development of the new PSP2 promises a huge upgrade, including the potential inclusion of a touch panel and a HD screen. However, some quirks still need to be worked on to maintain stability in all of its high standard glory. Sony has yet to go public with this as they have not finalized its inner and outer designs. But it is slated for Fall of 2011 if things go well. 

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

Part-time Anime Reviewer (joined 09-2010)

Anthony majored in Japanese. Try guessing why.

He loves his sports, adores kittens and currently resides in South Korea working as an English teacher. He has been a part of Population GO since its relaunch in 2010, having contributed to mostly anime news and reviews.

He’s currently playing Pokémon Y, and his Friend Code is: 4570-7572-3456.

Anthony Kim