Preview: Chuck Season 4


When you have all of the government’s secrets loaded into your brain and are forced to deviate away from the normal life you once took for granted, you know you’re the Intersect. Chuck, now entering Season 4, promises new missions and more thrilling flashes. And it is slated to premiere on Monday, September 20. 

The beloved trio of Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and John Casey (Adam Baldwin) return in defense of the American secrets and American peace within borders. Creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz guarantee more shuffling of the normal life and the spy life for Chuck aka Charles Carmichael, now involving his family more than ever. Now that Chuck has become more of a reliable spy, what more needs to be explained? Well, Season 4 has been previewed in the final minutes of the third season finale and it seems like Chuck will have his chances to seek out his long lost mother. But before Chuck can explore that, he has to evade his sister’s overprotective nature. 

The cast of the Buy More is expected to make a triumphant return as well and provide much of the humor and side-stories that correlate to Chuck’s episodic missions. Although the Buy More was thought to be no more, it has been announced that the Buy More will be more involved in this season’s telling. If you feel like watching the entire Comic-Con 2010 Chuck Panel, the information is provided by the very sources. (I am sure it is in the final third of the clip if you want to skip through.)

I expect Season 4 of Chuck to provide much of the same as previous seasons: well-choreographed action sequences, lots of explosions, Jeffster, numerous guest stars, Casey’s growls, kick-ass Chuck flashes, and of course, Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. In addition, I hope Chuck as a show continues to impress and keep fans loyal despite hard times. Personally, I love this show — I can’t get enough.

The much anticipated Season 4 premieres next Monday, September 20 at 8/7C. Look forward to it. 

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

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