Otaku Spotlight: New York Comic Con and Anime Festival


Saturday. Sold out and crowded as hell. All the local geeks and otaku made it the priority of their weekends. Not sure what happened on Friday and Sunday but I can tell you just from the experience that both the comic con and the anime festival was a blast. I just wish I could’ve been more excited. 

I’m not sure if my feeble words can measure up to how great the event was. I am personally not very much outgoing or am I easy to impress. But in a building full of all sorts of people from New York, from New Jersey, from all over, it was packed with sweaty fans, photographers, curious first-timers and of course, the cosplayers. 

The difference this year is that both the comic con and anime festival ran at the same time. (If I am mistaken, please correct me because I only saw one gate for the bottom level last September.) Despite the discomfort of a huge crowd of people everywhere I turned, it allowed the clash of cultures to co-exist and expose the glory of American comics of the past and present with the popularity of the modern-day anime community for three days in the same building. Although I do say this more for the overseas faction, just seeing the likes of the iconic Superman, Batman and Spiderman blending with breeds of anime cranked a subtle smile in me — the best of both worlds. But my passion remains faithful with anime more so than American comics and heroes so you can imagine a certain level of feeling distraught when the comic con seemed to have overwhelmed me, especially when I wasn’t able to understand or relate to some of the lesser creations. 

Cosplay, as anyone can guess, was omnipresent throughout the event. Although some people complain that American cosplay isn’t as great, or superiorly inferior to put it harshly, as Japanese cosplay, I did catch a few good ones. Of course, the good ones are usually countered by relatively bad ones but at least these people expressed their passions willingly and traversed the not-so-forgiving neighborhood of New York City. I do regret to say that I saw a pretty good Kuroko cosplay but never managed to find the needle in the haystack after the initial encounter. 

I apologize to the geeks of the world who cannot fathom with this one-sided affair. And I apologize to everyone else for not showing much excitement in having partook in both the comic con and the anime festival. Apologies aside, I did see and explore through the crowded wave of people of all art booths and exhibits at least twice, before and after a lunch break. And of course, took a few pictures. I hope the quality is at least decent to see what went on, although most pictures are of cosplayers doing their thing.

A huge line of people outside with many more inside. 

Tifa cosplay. Should have zoomed in more! 

Found a pretty good Ryu and he’s pretty fit for him. 

Plenty of gaming stations for all consoles provided previews for some popular up-coming titles. 

Bleach’s Aizen made an appearance before the transformation. 

I’m naturally camera-shy but Pedobear unleashed my courage for a picture. I am on the left and yes, I have a hen-tie shirt. (You can read it tie-hen as well, if you want.)

Lelouch made me take this picture. 

The shortest Edward Elric cosplay I found.

An Ichigo figurine in a case for display. 

I love all the details on Ganondorf and Zelda. 

Struck by Lightning!

Shinra of Durarara!! 

Not limited to just Japanese anime — Ty Lee of Avatar: The Last Airbender made a jubilant appearance as well! 

Yes, Toph was there too. 

Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes and my more-than-excited friend.

Tifa and Cloud, of the Advent Children variety.

Chun Li from the Street Fighter series. 

Steampunk Iron Man?

Azusa of K-ON! with the pose and cat ears. 

Superman looking strong!

Faith of Mirror’s Edge outside the building. 

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

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