“Mortal Kombat” Film To Offer Super Savings?


There hasn’t been much lately as far as plot details concerning the upcoming Warner Bros. remake of the Mortal Kombat film. Based on the brutal brawler, the series hit a bit of resurgence thanks to a game a lot of critics loved, as well as a web series from Kevin Tancharoen, which earned him the director’s seat for the remake.

Bloody Disgusting apparently has the plot details for the movie, and they’re probably not what you were expecting. 

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Is Shao Kahn will be asking for paper or plastic in between shouts of “Finish Him!” Maybe.

The site reported that the plot centers around a lowly supermarket employee who discovers that he has “out of this world” powers and must decide to side with either good or evil. This decision is of course made difficult, thanks to the evil side helping the protagonist discover his true potential and who he really is.

Until Warner Bros. comes out with an official synopsis you may want to take this with a bloody grain of salt. 

Then again…

Maybe it’s not that far-fetched. Besides, Tancharoen won over a lot of fans with the web series, and it basically re-imagined a few details while still striving to stay somewhat true to the series. The script is being written by Tancharoen and Oren Uziel who also co-wrote Mortal Kombat Rebirth, the first Mortal Kombat web project Tancharoen released.

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