Manga Review: Skip Beat! – 193


Shou manipulates and Kain Heel shows his fangs.


In this chapter, we get to see what Kyoko said to Sho about Ren. She says that she is using him as a mentor to be a better actress and doesn’t want to ruin anything by liking him. She also says that her motivation is now acting, not just getting revenge. Sho tricks Kyoko into betting against falling in love with Ren. He is also worried because he saw the evil in Ren’s eyes when he talked to him about what Kyoko said. Later that day, the Heel siblings reunite, with Kyoko worried about Ren’s reaction to her seeing Sho. The chapter ends when Kyoko is knocked out of character by Sho calling her phone and Ren throwing the phone across the room angrily.

This chapter was pretty slow going and I was pretty disappointed by the direction that the characters are going. Sho is just as manipulative as he has always been and Kyoko is surprisingly gullible. I am also mad at her for making love to Ren and showing some sort of weakness. They are going to have even more problems because she made staying out of love a competition. I am also worried about Ren’s abusive behavior. He is one of my favorite characters and I hope that he snaps out of his Kuon behavior soon.

I honestly have no idea where this manga is going right now. It seems like it is all over the place and doesn’t seem to be approaching a solid conclusion. I thought that Kyoko was going to do another talk show in this chapter, but all of a sudden she is back to being Setsu. I have no idea how we got to that point. I am also frustrated with the serious lack of character change. Everyone keeps talking about their problems, but no one is doing anything about it. The plot of this manga is getting slower and slower and I can’t stand all the waiting for some real action.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter because something interesting might actually happen. This manga is getting much too repetitive and confusing at the same time. I hope that Ren can get back to normal and that Kyoko can stop being manipulated so much. She hasn’t gotten to where she is without learning anything.

GO Rating: 2/5


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