Manga Review: Medaka Box – 165


It’s not just Oudo who returns, but the entire Front Six of the Thirteen Party!


After the tease of Oudo’s return at the end of Chapter 164, we’re treated to the return of the entire Front Six members of the Thirteen Party. Now it’s been a while since any of these characters—with the exception of Naze—have been featured since they only made brief cameos during Medaka and Zenkichi’s duel for student council president. They all made their return with their signature moves in a desperate attempt to take down Iihiko. The pages involving their own signature moves played out like your typical shounen battle manga when reinforcements showed up, but there’s still a level of excitement for it. Despite a lack of originality in how things played out, the re-introductions were short and this section of the chapter moved at a great pace to keep readers moving forward with excitement of just how they’ll play a role in the larger fight against Iihiko. 

With all that Iihiko has done to this point and known for his reputation as a destroyer of worlds, it wasn’t a surprise that none of the Front Six’s attacks had any effect on the demon. What’s more interesting is that despite all this, the Front Six remained composed in their fight despite the lack of any real damage done to their foe. That speaks of one or two things: 1) They have the utmost confidence in whatever plan they are following; or 2) They have a secret weapon up their sleeves to turn the tide of the battle. As the chapter progresses, it is the former that turns out to be the case, as there is a new face leading the group of fighters in the struggle against Iihiko (spoiler of just who that is pictured below the rating). 

Before that though, we’re treated to a little bit of information that will have readers speculating as to what exactly is going on in Shiranui village. While the Front Six escaped with Medaka to flee the village, Shiranui sacrificed herself to delay Iihiko for as long as possible. Here it’s revealed that there is a deeper connection between Iihiko and Shiranui, but just what kind of connection is unknown and will play a huge factor in the growing conflict later down the line. Until then, we’re left off with yet another cliffhanger tease as the identity of the new leader of the Front Six is revealed and it is… Hanten’in? Hanten’s words end off the chapter on a curious note as it is yet to be explained what he meant by he and Najimi having switched. This leaves me anticipating the next chapter when we’re sure to get more background info on the relationship between Najimi and Iihiko. 

GO Rating: 3.5/5

What a twist.


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