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Previously in KHR:  Reborn and crew regrouped and discussed what they would do for the future. Dino became a teacher at the school to be closer with the Vongola family.  Afterwards Reborn and crew met with Uni who notified them of her shocking revelation about the future battle.

Did she share more details? Read on.


Time was spent on catching up with Hibari and Dino. Amano revealed that Hibari’s sole motive for joining Team Fon was to bite Dino to death. I had to stop and wonder if that was his only reason, but it seemed compelling. Surely he would want to fight Tsuna as well?

Back with Reborn, it was revealed that Verde’s team had a secret skill that allowed, for one day, illusions to materialize and become reality. It was pretty shocking to hear. I do wish that specific details over how members of Colonello’s team and Uni’s team had been defeated by such a skill. It seemed that the news was shocking to all in the room, but Byakuran’s carefree attitude helped lighten the mood. Considering that he was an antagonist just two arcs ago, it was hilarious seeing him in such a good mood. 

Shouchi and Spanner showed up to help the united Team Uni and Reborn devise countermeasures against Team Verde. This was a cool moment as we fans of the duo were able to finally see them in their non-future forms. Their characters were exactly the same as they were in the future, Shouchi’s stomach hurting when he gets nervous from speaking and Spanner addicted to the candy. Unfortunately, before the details of the countermeasures could be discussed, the next battle commenced.

The chapter felt good and flowed well. Amano did not focus solely on Team Reborn and Uni, but did show us what other teams were doing. It really worked to develop Mammon who was stuck with the Varia and Xanxus who didnt seem to be interested in the fight at all. I kind of felt a bit sorry for Mammon because I did want him to have a fighting chance in this arc. The closing panels were interesting and left me speculating on the possibility of Byakuran turning against Tsuna in the battle or actually working together. Ultimately, I hoped that their teamwork would work just fine.

GO Rating: 3.5/5


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