Manga Review: Black Bird – 57 & 58


And the horror begins.


Perhaps my above statement is overdramatic, but pregnancy freaks me out. In this chapter, we focus on Misao’s pregnancy. She tells Kyou and struggles with whether to keep the baby. After a trip to the hot springs and an encounter with the Tengu, Misao decides that she really wants to keep the baby. She and Kyou tell her parents and they agree with the decision. The chapter ends with everyone happily celebrating, with the exception a shadowy figure in a tree who says that he is going to attack the Tengu very soon.

I was disappointed in Misao again in this chapter, not for deciding to keep the baby, but for being completely devoid of selfishness once again. Misao is becoming defined as “Kyou’s wife” slowly but surely, despite that small mentions of her power as the Senka. I think it is a bit unrealistic that she has no problem giving up everything about her normal life just to be with Kyou. I understand that she is supposed to be “desperately in love,” but I think any normal high schooler would be hesitant about quitting school to become a mother so quickly.

Despite my personal prejudices, I was glad that this chapter didn’t linger around the typical pregnancy scandals. Misao didn’t hesitate to tell Kyou about her being pregnant, and she only spent half the chapter deciding whether or not to keep the baby. I was also glad that she told her parents right away. I don’t want this pregnancy drama dragging on longer than the nine months it will take to be completed.

I’m curious about the next chapter because I still have a feeling that this manga may end soon. I don’t think a manga about a teen mom will be quite as compelling. Surely the attack by a mysterious force will bring about some drama and perhaps some closure as well. We shall have to wait and see.

GO Rating: 3/5



A wild hat appeared!

Chapter 57

Hat jokes aside, this chapter was pretty boring. Misao asks Kyou out on a date to tell her two (hardly mentioned) high school friends that she is preggo and dropping out. They seem pretty happy, though freaked out that she is dating their homeroom teacher. Misao and Kyou then go to the beach and have a nice little date full of happiness and fluff. The chapter ends with Misao finding out that the Tengu have been brutally attacked by another clan. That’s a nice way to ruin the mood.

I felt that this chapter was basically filler. Clearly there is a bunch of fighting and drama coming up, but before we got there, the whole pregnancy deal was wrapped up. It was a bit silly to bring Misao’s generic friends back into the story considering that they haven’t said much to her since talking about her lack of boyfriend in the first chapter. Come to think of it, it doesn’t seem like Misao has gone to school since the first arc, so I don’t see the big deal in her dropping out anyway.

Perhaps the excitement will start back up in the next chapter, but honestly I am ready for this manga to start wrapping up. Things are starting to get tied off already and it seems like all that is necessary is another dramatic clan battle. Hopefully I am correct in thinking that the manga is ending because I’m not too keen on a series about the spineless Misao taking care of her teen mom baby.

I hope that the battle in the next chapter is exciting because I am pretty tired of these extremely romantic chapters. I would like a return to some blood and guts again please. And you wonder why I review shoujo manga.

GO Rating: 1/5


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