Lupin the 3rd Real Action Heroes


The world’s greatest thief becomes a Real Action Hero.

This has got to be the best Lupin the 3rd figure I have ever seen. His body proportions are perfect along with the gestures of his fingers, and the expression and sculpt of his face is so spot on.

I think my favorite thing about this 12-inch figure is that perfect Lupin the 3rd smile. Also impressive is his amazing tailored suit and leather shoes. He comes with many different hands as well as his gun, his lighter and cigarette.

Lupin the 3rd is set for about ¥17800 and is released in November.  I wanted to make this my first RAH figure, but sadly this is a Medicom exclusive and the sites do not ship overseas. So now I am forever sad that the most perfect Lupin figure cannot be mine.


Diana Duong

Diana Duong

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Diana Duong