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Hey Pop GOers, how is it going? I hope you guys are enjoying what we feature and are getting your dosage of geeky and otaku needs. It’s very rewarding to see our contributions get various responses and result in noticeable traffic on our site. However, rarely do we get close and personal with our readers. I’d like to change that, even if a little bit. 

This is not to bribe you or anything, but I’d like anyone who wants a nice little free gift to participate. The more the merrier, so get involved and aim for the prize!  

The prize and conditions are revealed after the cut.


The prize: a free copy of Pokémon Conquest


There are no strings attached as I’ll pay out of my own pocket, but the glaring condition is that you must reside within the continental United States. (I deeply apologize to all international followers.)

The challenge? There will be a few rounds, a way to get you involved with our community. The first round is simple: If you could have any six Pokémon with you in real life, what would they be?

Leave your list in the comment section below and include your Tumblr handle (or your name and email address if you don’t have a Tumblr account) somewhere, preferably as your username. You must leave a way for me to find you or else you won’t qualify. 

Also, I encourage you to spark up conversation in any of the reviews, news or segments we post. I know it’s kind of out-of-the-way for Tumblr and reblogging is the preferable norm but the more I see you, the more likely you’ll get picked. (No spams please.) This also encourages and motivates us throughout the week, knowing that we get feedback from our readers. 

I’ll reveal the second round next week and it isn’t anything difficult. But remember, a new Pokémon game is on the line and it could be yours for free. Wanted to be rewarded? Then what are you waiting for? List your six Pokémon below and begin to qualify! 

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

Former Senior Anime Reviewer (09-2010 – 04-2014)

Anthony majored in Japanese. Try guessing why.

He loves his sports, adores kittens and currently resides in South Korea working as an English teacher. He has been a part of Population GO since its relaunch in 2010, having contributed to mostly anime news and reviews.

He’s currently playing Pokémon Y, and his Friend Code is: 4570-7572-3456.

Anthony Kim