Fan Favorite – Sweet 16: Harry Potter vs. Vriska Serket; Chihaya Ayase vs. Wild Tiger


Today features a worthy championship battle dressed in a Sweet 16 match. Both characters were able to advanced past the 1st round without much effort. Harry Potter zapped Peter Brand out of Hogwarts and Vriska Serket swiftly booted M’aiq The Liar off of Trollian. One of these characters will lay claim to being the last four-eyed geek standing. Who will it be?

On the Otaku bracket, an all-anime battle awaits two characters who also managed to make short work of their 1st round foes. Chihaya Ayase gracefully overwhelmed Maho Shirafune and Wild Tiger NEXT’ed Naruko Anjou. Will the aspiring Queen get past another male protagonist, or will Sternbild’s hero subdue another teenage beauty?

Vote and help send two more characters into the Elite 8 after the break!


Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2)

Mr. Potter pretty much has to be here by default in a tournament of favourites. How can he not be with his series of films and books finally wrapped up? It’s only fitting that he partake in our inaugural Fan Favourite tournament as he won’t be able to participate in future ones.

Will the chosen wizard of prophecy rise to the occasion and take the this tournament? It’s up to you folks to decide. -m-paoword


Vriska Serket (Homestuck)

She has the luck……..ALL of it.

Vrisksa is many things: a huge bitch, a liar, a backstabber, a manipulator and a murderer. Yet despite all of these faults, she is still a sympathetic character. Whether adopting the persona of her ancestor, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, or attaining God Tier through truly unscrupulous methods, Vriska maintains an overly competitive personality that hides an interior of insecurities, loneliness and jealousy.

I’m sure a majority of readers hated her from the onset (I know I did), but as her story progressed, we all learned to look past her numerous faults to see a multi-layered character with a strong desire to be accepted.

Anyone who develops a crush on Nic Cage deserves at least that. :::;P -spawnyreborn

Harry Potter vs Vriska Serket: Who’s moving on to the next round?


Chihaya Ayase (Chihayafuru)

Deep down, Chihaya is your typical shounen character trapped in a shoujo body. She has the features and radiance of a super model, but true to her nickname, ‘beauty in vain’, it all goes to waste. None of that matters because social status, relationships and good looks are the least of her worries. Chihaya, with competitive fire burning inside of her, only has one main focus in life: be the best Karuta player in the world.

Despite her one-track mind and childish faults, she also has an endearing personality. She is kindhearted, caring and thoughtful of others. And though she possesses raw talent and superior hearing, she’ll be the first to admit that she still has plenty to learn. Even if she doesn’t become the Queen of Karuta, so long as she has friends to play it with she’d be content in life.

Still, Chihaya has the innate nature to want to win every match she plays and every tournament she enters, and it’s no different with this tournament. -allenaoki


Wild Tiger (Tiger & Bunny)

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, aka Wild Tiger, is a tad unconventional in taking down his enemies. Collateral damage means nothing to him—in other words, he’ll do whatever it takes to take an enemy down. And you can be sure he’ll do it in five minutes or less.

His natural instincts can trump many a foe. With his life on the line, or just to impress his daughter, Kaede, Wild Tiger flexes his hero muscles, and with a little bit of “Good Luck,” can be the champion he deserves to be. -umop-episdn

Chihaya Ayase vs. Wild Tiger: Who’s moving on to the next round?


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