Comic Review: [First Issue] Avengers VS X-Men: Infinite #1


So while everyone might be looking at the main event, the true star of Avengers VS X-Men so far was a little digital exclusive comic that focused on the character Nova. Marvel has teased “Infinite Comics” for a little while now, and this week readers got the first taste of this new innovation in digital comics, and in comics as a whole.

If this is where the future of comics is headed then the future is looking bright. Like, Nova bright (pun certainly intended).


It’s hard to completely explain this comic in words because what it really is is a completely innovative visual display that does something that can only be done in the digital format. The basic idea of this digital exclusive issue is that the reader clicks (or touches) to go to the “next page”, but the next page, as hard as it is to describe, is more like panels appearing, and slight changes in the art to signify motion or change of perception. This is a step right in between comics and the animated motion comics we’ve been seeing in the past, but it’s much closer to print comics than to something animated, and it’s much more stylish. 

The story of this initial look at Infinite Comics comes as a companion piece to the first issue of Avengers VS X-Men. The story focuses on the character Nova, who is flying as fast as he possibly can to beat the Phoenix Force to Earth so that he can inform the Avengers that it’s coming (much like all those teasers for the past few months have been reminding us). The result is a visceral journey through the cosmos as we peer into the thoughts of Nova, who is trying to do whatever he can to make sure his planet stays safe. 

The writing by Mark Waid is duly engaging, as you really won’t want to look up from the comic while you’re reading it, and I’m sure he has a lot to do with how the panels and pacing worked out in the artwork. Waid maintains time and time again that he’s a writer that’s able to effectively infuse pure emotion into any character he writes, and he certainly doesn’t come up short while writing Nova in this comic. 

However, it’s the artwork that really gets (and deserves) all the attention here. Stuart Immonen has already proven himself as a fantastic superhero comic artist, but it seems like he’s really outdone himself here as his ability to portray the high speed motion of Nova’s flight through space is some of the most breathtaking art I’ve seen in a while. 

Now, like I said, it is INCREDIBLY hard to talk about this come since it’s something entirely new, so all I can say is that everyone MUST go out and read this digital exclusive story. If you bought a copy of Avengers VS X-Men this week then the issue should come with a free download of this bonus story, but if you didn’t get that you can buy it for just $0.99 on comixology. It’s definitely worth the buck if not to just see what the future of the comic medium is. Personally, I’ve not been much of a supporter of digital comics unless you just can’t get to your comic shop. I much prefer to have a physical copy in my hands than to download it and keep it on my laptop, but with Marvel’s new Infinite Comics… I’ll just say that I’ll be buying some digital stuff now, as long as they keep up this level of quality. 

For what we’re getting here, which is a prelude/supplement story to the Avengers VS X-Men event, I have to say that this was pretty much perfect. I don’t think the art or the writing could have been better, and maybe I’m still reeling from how amazing the future of digital comics is looking, but for my money (a mere dollar, mind you) this comic is perfect. We’ll see how it goes from here, though. 

GO Rating: 5/5

Really though, the images I’ve used for this review cannot do the experience justice. You really must download the issue to see each of these pages to their fullest. 

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