Comic Review: Earth 2 #5


The battle between the heroes and Grundy continues and it’s Green VS Grey between Alan Scott and the “Death God” himself. Plus, there’s the DCnU debut of Wesley Dodds, the Sandman!


As exciting as it is to see Dodds back in the comics, and as cool as a lot of the action was in this issue, I have to say that this was one of the weaker installments this title has seen so far. It’s running towards the point where I believe this arc could have been summed up in much less time, but DC is spreading it about over more issues for whatever reason. The reason, to me, seems that they want to introduce a single new character in each issue, this time, like I said, being Sandman. And the worst part? There’s still one issue of this left, and an aftermath.

It’s all action this month. Each character gets to show of his or her respective powers for at least a couple of pages as they face Solomon Grundy and his spread of decay outside of the White House. None of that really intrigues me, though, as I can get that sort of action from anywhere else. What was more intriguing to me here was the look into the organization that many of these characters (Sandman, Atom, Hawkgirl) are working for. The World Army, which is some sort of international peace force, could play a really interesting part in the future of this title, either as the group that assembles the new “Justice Society” or a force to antagonize them. We’ll have to see which way things go in the future. Plus, there’s Terry Sloan, who we got a good look at in last months #0 issue, who’s even more interesting than this World Army is. There are plenty of interesting pieces in place in this series, I just feel like James Robinson isn’t exactly utilizing them to their best capability. 

Nicola Scott’s artwork wears on me more and more as each issue passes as her characters appear to me as generic hero designs. Her work wouldn’t stand out to me among plenty of other artists as her style just fits the standard of superhero comics. It’s not individualistic or original; it’s just like plenty of other comics we see on the stands each month. I liked her work towards the beginning of the series, but since then, I guess it just lost its appeal. 

Hopefully this series can pick itself back up after this opening arc. I gave Justice League the same college try with its opening story and though I dropped the title after six issues, word of mouth has said the following story blew the initial one out of the park. Hopefully the same happens over here as we move out of this opening story and into a book with a team that’s more familiar with each other (and maybe even a new, more impressive artist). 

GO Rating: 3/5

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