Capcom Trademarks “Fighters Of Capcom”



Capcom has made numerous mash-up brawlers with other companies’ characters. But are they ready to give it another go for their own characters?

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It was revealed that a “Fighters Of Capcom” trademark was registered by the company, leaving many to guess just what Capcom’s got under its Hadoken throwing sleeves.

At first this just screams a mash-up title with Capcom’s catalog of characters. Yet the filing is different for the trademark compared to most Capcom games, as it’s for use “with computer game software and the classification of online services.”

And then there’s the likely theory that Silconera presents, which is that it could be for the localization of crossover card battling game Capcom All Stars, a title developed for the smartphone/social game service GREE.

Let the speculating begin.


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