Anime Review: Uchuu Kyoudai – 34


Hibito is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.


Despite hoping for a quick transition to shifting the focus of the series back onto Mutta, episode thirty-four takes its time in beginning that transition as the first half deals with Hibito and the NASA crew settling into their new home. The tone of the episode is set early on as we’re given the feel that this will be a more comedic element in anticipation of the more serious revelation of who passes the third JAXA exam. Even the very realistic fear of entering a strange new environment without the safety of your astronaut suit is turned into a comedic moment when the fear felt by the NASA crew is wiped away by the straightforward, head-first attitude of Hibito, who has none of these fears. 

The episode then shifts back to Mutta who has now returned to Japan with Apo, who he has deemed as his lucky charm. It’s a gag they play out the rest of the episode with Mutta becoming more and more superstitious about his luck. He considers that everything good that happened to him in America was because of Apo, but at the same time he also believes his luck with Apo is finite and doesn’t want to waste any it until he passes the JAXA exam. Unluckily for him, his supposed finite amount of luck gets used up on two occasions in this episode: winning a lucky draw at a local market and having his wallet returned to him by a pretty woman. It’s a hilarious gag to play out and really reinforced the type of character he has been up until now, which is a down-on-his-luck character whose life seems to have revolved around luck he perpetuates.

The end of the episode is what I have been waiting for the entire episode, which is the JAXA’s calls to the examinees. That’s the problem, though — it’s just a tease, as the first call is made to Makabe, whose reaction is pretty neutral and his responses are only yes and okay. There’s much anticipation left for the next episode when the series expands on the phone call to Makabe and hopefully the other candidates, but episode thirty-five looks like it’ll be a Makabe-centered episode, which is still good.

Overall, the humor in episode thirty-four is what carries it from start to finish, and the cliffhanger at the end was the cherry on top. 

GO Rating: 3.5/5

The first call is made! What is the result?!

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