Anime Review: Uchuu Kyoudai – 33


Yes. Yes you will.


The time has come for Hibito to achieve his childhood dream! Episode thirty-three continues on the arc focusing in on the younger Nanba brother as his long journey to the moon is wrapped up. This monumental event for not only the brothers, but Japan as a whole, has been built up since the first episode. Now we’re given an episode that is meant to be a complete pay off for the thirty-two episodes leading up to it, and I have to say that this episode made a good pay off. Despite the obvious fictional nature of the event, there is still an emotional investment for the audience in this episode. It’s very rare to see people you’ve become attached to — and make no mistake, despite being fictional characters, I’ve grown attached to them in their story — accomplish their dreams and goals. 

What adds to this, though, is the reaction we get to see from Mutta as he sees his beloved little brother land on the moon and make his first step on it. The episodes leading up to this event have dealt with Mutta’s own feelings for seeing his younger brother get so much further ahead of him, and despite what he may have thought about himself, it turns out that he is truly happy for the success of his brother. He is brought to tears of joy at seeing one of the people he cares about the most do something great, and it’s a feeling that anybody can relate to. 

Not surprisingly, though, there wasn’t a whole lot that does happen beyond the landing in this episode. A lot of it is just the arrival at the moon, the landing and the press shots, and despite the very thin content, the episode did manage to stretch it for longer than it should and kept the pace going rather quick. There was a sense of joy in watching the success of his landing, and it did make episode thirty-three a completely feel-good episode, but there was a bit of a shortage in substance. However, the key thing here is that now that Hibito has landed on the moon, there is only one week left until JAXA announces the next wave of astronauts. As one arc ends, another shall begin, and I’m amped for the series to focus back on Mutta, Serika, Makabe and etc. 

GO Rating: 3.5/5

Hibito has arrived on the moon!

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