Anime Review: Sword Art Online – 21


This IS Sword Art Online, right? Not the setup for some craptastic hentai fantasy?


Bit of a lull this week. The focus was more on Suguha and her feelings than on the race to get to the top of Yggddrasil. All that really means is much more time in the real world than in ALO. The second half of the episode was on Asuna and how she was doing which was a bit of a bummer. Her whole failed escape attempt wasn’t really gripping, though kudos to them for trying. Animating her hiding around non-existent corners and such was a nice touch… Stupid and unneeded, but nice, I guess. Also, tentacle gifs are a thing. Why slugs with tentacles, Kawahara? You perv.

So in case you haven’t read the light novels: there was a whole side story that was skipped between last week and this week. Don’t worry, it wasn’t super exciting or important to this story. Honestly, I’m glad that they took it out all together. Maybe it’ll become fodder for an OVA at some point? That’s assuming that there will be a second season of Sword Art Online in the future. There are five more novels to go and counting.

Nothing super exciting in episode 21, but you know, take the good with the bad. Low energy is okay, especially since we’re looking at a pretty explosive ending.

GO Rating: 3/5

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