Anime Review: Sukitte Iinayo. – 8


Sporting some wild hairstyle must be the thing for guys in this series. 

And dude, eyes up here.


“New to Love” seems like an appropriate episode title because both Mei and Yamato are finally realizing just how difficult it is to stabilize a relationship beyond hugs and kisses. Obviously physical intimacy goes only so far because once they factor the emotional effects into their ongoing problem, they finally break down and feel the hardships. Innocent as he may be, and frustrated as she may be, if neither can express them convincingly, it’s easy to shrug it off as just another personal ordeal that doesn’t need to come to light. Mei’s the kind of person who doesn’t want to trouble others and Yamato doesn’t realize the many consequences of his seemingly innocent actions. New to love… how true this rings to both so very much. 

Safe to say, there are communication mishaps on both sides. Again, I don’t count texting each other as a legit means of keeping in touch in this delicate situation because you can’t sense feelings and mood in the words that can be punched in by anyone. The problem with the two that has been exploited in this episode is how neither will confront each other of recurring problems. Mei’s too shy and reluctant to speak up and raise questions of Yamato to erase her doubts of him; Yamato’s too cocky (according to Aiko, the grand savior of this love quarrel) about his kindness and forgets how perspective is key to ensuring trust in Mei. This time, both of them deserve equal blame for spiraling down to tears and frustration. I went on to scold Yamato last week, but going to Megumi’s house has been done. This week, I think Mei can take a hit because she’s internalizing all of her thoughts, which only tears flow out in substitute of her ambiguous feelings. Frustrated, angry (at herself), jealous, anxious, irritated… the list goes on but tears do just the job. Luckily, Yamato can finally understand as he teared up soon afterwards. 

I don’t think the problem with Megumi is done yet, nor the new guy in town with the rad mohawk, Takemura Kai (Maeno Tomoaki). He makes quite a first impression with an obsession for limited edition collectibles from theme parks and I doubt his comedic debut will continue as is. I’ll dive right into it if and when he gets further involved with Mei and Yamato’s relationship. 

Nothing has been cleared up yet, but I am enjoying the pace to which the story progresses. What’s more is that the side characters aren’t overvalued and leave the majority of the struggle to the two involved. Aiko’s curt but polished words help put both sides (plus Asami) back into place and leave it to their doing. She really reminds me of Ayane from Kimi ni Todoke, and characters like her need to be around. Only in the most perfect world can we see both rookie lovers figure out the problem they cannot see. Blinded by emotion and youth, they need each other to sort through these dark times. 

GO Rating: 4/5

The more she calls out for Yamato, the more tears that come out unsuspectingly. She’s experiencing the love hurts side of the deal. 

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