Anime Review: Sukitte Iinayo. – 7


Doubt is such a powerful opposition. Thoughts that derive from doubt can be doubly frightening.


Doubt is not just a girls’ thing, but Sukitte Iinayo did pretty well in showing just how it cripples a girl’s heart and mind. It wasn’t talked about much, but the pain on Mei’s face expressed it all: watching some other girl take him away bit by bit is the most excruciating kind of torture. I get it, feelings tend to be a girl thing, but imagine having those feelings stepped on. Girls are tough for dealing with this all the freakin’ time. Look at Asami, she’s in a healthy relationship but still has doubt over little things, but at least she and Kenji are communicating. I don’t count emailing or texting as communicating in a relationship under this context. It’s the easy way out. 

On so many levels, Yamato managed to do wrong. It’s awesome getting a jump start on a potential career, and it’s not always smart chasing after love over personal life, but damn, I feel like he deserved a major decking after having the audacity to step into Megumi’s house. Of all things he should have declined, that was it. He of all people would know that rumors would spread and it’s like he let it happen. What kind of misleading antic is this? That of a good boyfriend? Until that second wind of hope, I was hoping Mei would say, “Let’s break up” and have him chase after her again if he really liked her. Either way, this episode had traces of finale material, and I had no problem with how it ended. (We were owed one at this point anyway.) 

Truthfully, I wanted to cry alongside Mei, but Asami did a lot of that for me. Jeez, I’m way too heavily invested in this series. Feelings are for girls? Yeah right — a male college graduate working overseas should not be experiencing high school drama syndrome, yet here I am over an anime series. I think a lot of what’s portrayed is pretty compelling and helps all the more that I like Mei’s mixture of awkwardness, aloofness and patience. I can’t remember how many times I’ve said that, but it’s true. Yamato ought to be a lucky guy, but not for his good looks or his popularity. Mei’s a catch and if he wants her affection, as deadly as those cookies are, he’s going to have to earn the right to have them and more. She already delivered one surprise on the menu but will that be enough to sway him? 

And I don’t know who this new guy is, but he better not be trouble. Er… who am I kidding? 

GO Rating: 4/5

Mei should get her own spin-off OVA, appropriately titled, “Shiawase no Cookie.” 

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

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