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I don’t think I have to defend this one: Bunnysuit Yuno is Best Yuno.


I can’t really accuse Mirai Nikki of lacking plot. This is not a show that you can easily introduce moe fanservice into, so the options for fluff are pretty limited. But the story for this week didn’t really move forward that much. In terms of the present story, Eleventh had Yuki’s dad killed; that’s pretty much the extent of the plot progression this episode. But the thing is is that that is a huge plot point. Everything really changes because of this episode (maybe). Yuki is now an orphan with no household income, he has now officially killed someone, and he now has a clear reason to become God. These are game changing plot points! But at the same time, it doesn’t feel like much happened. The result is that the episode was really underwhelming and really, the first dip in entertainment since the break.

And the other half of the episode was spoiled for me once again via research on Wikipedia for this series. It’s really hard not to when writing for a show like this. But even if I hadn’t known about Yuno’s past, the shock value wasn’t really there. It felt more like a flashback into Yuno’s first foray into hardcore stalking than an introduction to how her parents died. And even when she turned that corner and soliloquized her explanation, I didn’t really feel any pity. This was possibly the best opportunity for us as an audience to sympathize with her and it wasn’t really there for me. I don’t know what I was expecting from the anime’s explanation of her past, but that certainly wasn’t it. The overall reaction to this episode, from the lackluster telling of Yuno’s past to the sluggishly moving plot is a big fat “meh”.

This is the first underwhelming episode of Mirai Nikki in a while, but it wasn’t bad. I still really want to know who that third skeleton is; it was unsurprising but frustrating to see Yuno just up and leave at the question. And I in general want to see another Diary Owner die within the next couple episodes. But all in all, not too shabby. Hope it moves quicker now that the end is in sight. 

GO Rating: 3/5

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