Anime Review: Mirai Nikki – 15


Every time I see a shot of Yuki being pee-in-his-pants terrified, the more I assert that he should be turned into a meme. Or at least an image macro. Something needs to happen, anyway.


Mirai Nikki continues to impress me over and over. Most of the episode was fairly predictable and boring. The plan to keep Yuki safe, Kousaka’s big ass house, Yuno’s reintroduction, all of it was pretty standard of my expectations though obviously building up to something. And then Seventh gets introduced. Again, the fact that Seventh was actually two people wasn’t surprising due to self-spoiling, but their scenes were an absolute pleasure to watch. Everything about them is compelling and foreign all over again, even though they’re not really doing anything new. They’re just better antagonists than the last few have been. Plus, Uyruu’s involvement with this case will make everything MUCH better, as well as the fact that Ai and Marco literally hold Yuno’s and Yuki’s lives in their hands. I can’t believe how good Mirai Nikki has become, especially after its hit-and-miss record. 

I cannot stress enough my utter hatred for this boy. I have an all-consuming hate for this kid, much like Louis C.K. does for Zandipuss. The only difference is that the object of my hatred is fictional, so I guess that makes my rage worse. Every single time he opens his mouth, I just want to punch through the screen of my laptop, but then I would be out a computer. It almost amuses me how much I hate this character; I can’t think of any one that I hate even remotely on the same level in my daily life as much as Yukiteru.

But every time my fury gets to that point, I remind myself that this story would not be possible without his utter wimpiness. If he was even slightly more assertive, the entire plot and structure would break down utterly and completely. The biggest decision he had to make was whether to free Yuno and that’s only because she subjects herself to him. That in and of itself is crucial to the story that’s unfolding, as without his cowardice, Yuno probably wouldn’t be into him and everything would be wildly different. In order to get the great story I’ve been enjoying since the break, he absolutely must stay the way he is. It drives me crazy with its paradoxal logic.

This series both excites and frustrates me to no end, but I love it anyway. I’m worried about the other metaphorical foot to drop, because it doesn’t seem likely that Mirai Nikki will keep improving. I guess I’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts.

GO Rating: 4/5

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