Anime Review: Little Busters! – 7


That 10 Yen coin is stamped backwards, are we not addressing that?


I was going to open this review describing how stupid I found the opening scene, but it really takes care of itself. And while Masato might not like his new title, it’s kinda fitting. Also: very tired cliche decision, making the Disciplinary Committee a bunch of jerkwads. In fact, this entire episode was just one obvious “revelation” after another with some strained mystery sprinkled in for good measure. I’ve written on how bland I find this entire thing, and I am steadily more convinced that the entire series will end poorly.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that Futaki Kanata and Saigusa Haruka are twins separated at birth or half-siblings or something like that. It’s something that Key would do and, as far as I understand it, have used before. I’m also going to speculate that Haruka is making trouble to get Kanata’s attention. Oh, and that Haruka knows that they’re related, but Kanata doesn’t. But this is all speculation, of course. No way that Key would telegraph this with similar hair and antagonistic relationship or anything. We expect nothing but the best from the studio that brought us Air and Clannad.

I’m a little tired of ragging on Little Busters! because all the complaints are starting to run together. It’s a shame, but with seven episodes down, I remain unimpressed.

GO Rating: 1/5

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