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Two brothers—the elder born on a day of agony and the younger born on a day of glory—see a UFO as children which ignites a dream to become astronauts and travel into space. Fast forward 19 years. The younger brother Hibito is set to take part in a mission to the moon and the older brother Mutta has just been fired from his job and lives as a washout. With nothing left in his life, can Mutta pull himself together for one last chance at keeping his promise with his brother and becoming an astronaut?

To infinity… and beyond~!


Now this is an interesting seinen series starting with the story that it centers around. It’s not everyday that you have a series about two brothers aiming to be astronauts; however, thematically there are lot of themes that audiences can be familiar with in this series. Two brothers aiming for the same dream—you’re never too old to chase after your dreams—keeping an age-old promise and the underdog story all can be found within this first episode as we follow the elder of two brothers named Mutta. Born on an infamous day of agony for the nation of Japan, he has thus far lived a life of poor luck. By contrast, his younger brother was born on a day of glory for Japan and has gone on to live his childhood dream.  

And that dream was to travel to space and the moon to find the UFO they both saw as kids in 2006. I’d say to go into space and explore the unexplored is something all kids have dreamed about at least once, and to see these two characters’ humble beginnings and how their lives have played out, you can’t help but feel sympathy for Mutta being unable to fulfill his promise with his brother—even now he supports his brother, which is what led to him being fired. So when his brother reignites a flame inside Mutta at the end of this episode to give him another chance at achieving his dream and keeping his promise this series has me gripped. 

Uchuu Kyoudai has started off strong for me, personally. This isn’t the type of anime series that comes along very often so it came off as refreshing. The two leads are charming and likable and I want to see them achieve their dream of becoming astronauts and going into space together. The relationship of the brothers looks to be of one that is supportive of one another rather than one of rivalry and so it’ll be interesting to see how this series progresses. Great first step for this series. 

GO Rating: 4/5

Continue to Watch? – Yes.
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