Anime Review: [First Impression] Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Of The Dead – 1


Dat zombie ass is back for another hellacious, sun withering season.


Here it is, the soon-to-be fabled second season of the comedic zombie series. No other show features my favorite busty vampire ninja, Seraphim (Hikasa Youko), my favorite little genius, Haruna (Nomizu Iori), my favorite voiceless necromancer, Eucliwood Hellscythe (Tsukimiya Midori), and my favorite magical equipment girl-zombie-pervert, Aikawa Ayumu (Majima Junji). Of course, there is much more than meets the eyes. It might be just a funny tale of Ayumu’s twisted life but I think it’s just a built-in plot for him to infect all of his lovely lady friends. More so than fighting the Megalo or avoiding the sunlight, I’m convinced this is yet another teenage male trying to trigger the flag to the ultimate harem end. Must be nice, being a zombie, being able to wear cute, frilly, pink skirts and being called onii-chan by the sweetest necromancer to ever hit the anime screen. 

I don’t know if this series needs any further introduction, and even if you do, I’m sure you’re already trying to root for one of the secondary cast of ladies since Ayumu has no shame pimping it out at school. There’s the ever adorable Yoshida Yuki, aka Tomonori (Kanemoto Hisako), the ass-fixated Sarasvati (Gouda Aya), the mysterious “fairy” in Chris (Nabatame Hitomi) and the human girl with a hidden bust to die for—see the last part in the first OVA—named Hiramatsu Taeko (Yamaguchi Rie). Then there is Orito (Yoshino Hiroyuki) but I don’t want to really remember him after a certain event… 

Phew. You can see where I’m going with this. It’s just Ayumu and a list of girls, which in a way can be fun and in a way can be tiring to keep up with. Even when things get serious, it’s hard to genuinely think that drama can become a huge part of the plot, like when Haruna warns Ayumu to not get too cute and sparkly. His attempt to scale the power level readings is just another laughable matter in this crazy hoopla of a series. I mean all that in a good way because this is a breath of fresh air. I mean, why have a final attack called a kick when it isn’t even a kick? That’s what you call a deceptive maneuver. Genius! 

So yeah, I spent half this post on providing links for most of the characters, but really, there’s nothing to build upon in this reintroduction to the series. Strangely, Zombie Of The Dead (as I’ll refer it to from now on) is slated to run for just ten episodes. Hopefully that doesn’t affect much of anything, especially the pretty art and animation techniques that make Seraphim that much more enchanting. I know, I’m just a piece of crap for paying attention to the jiggles. More importantly, I would like more detail on Ayumu’s ass. Those hip lines are still as perfect as ever, but if only Studio Deen would make it flex a little more… 

GO Rating: 3.5/5

Continue to Watch? – Yes
Continue to Review? – Yes

Episode one’s guest voice for Eu: Inoue Kikuko. What a peevish yet goddess-like voice. Teheh! 

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