Anime Review: [First Impression] Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 1


Am I allowed to roll on the floor laughing out loud when I review things? 


This series is a riot. Pure riot. It’s been a good while since I last laughed this heartily, or maybe my sense of humor is too boyish. Regardless, how could I not enjoy the collaboration between Sunrise and Square-Enix when they immediately trolled themselves within the opening minutes?! And for an all-boys’ lead cast, this is definitely a godsend: Tadakuni (Irino Miyu), Hidenori (Sugita Tomokazu) and Yoshitake (Suzumura Kenichi) all sound like a bunch of misfits doing silly and often stupidly awesome things. I mean, what’s not to like?! (Strictly speaking from a guy’s perspective, FYI.) 

Every skit warranted a laugh. I think I laughed enough to earn myself a laughing degree because it was just that hard to contain myself. What’s more is that none of the other characters really show face, or could be taken seriously. Take for instance, Tadakuni’s younger sister (Takagaki Ayahi): I’m sure she’s a bombshell, if only I could see her face! And the Literature Girl (Hikasa Youko). Just the Literature Girl. Please, go ahead and find out what I mean. If she’s not the best part, then I suggest listening carefully to Hidenori’s monologue because it sounds awfully similar to one of Tomokazu’s roles in the past. 

I think I may have found my comedy of the season. Don’t Kill Me Baby, it’s because I was once a high school boy myself and I could relate to a lot of the things these apes pull. Besides the name/faceless female cast, or the troll-factor of other male backdrops, or even the cross-dressing experiment, bottom line is, this is enjoyable. For you gentlemen out there, this is a treat. For you ladies, maybe you’ll start to understand our haywired brains of ours a little bit. Or continue to call us creeps and make us cry, like Tadakuni’s poor fate as a high school male student. Whatever’s good. Please enjoy the show.  

GO Rating: 4/5

Continue to Watch? – Yes
Continue to Review? – Yes (I’m piling up quite a list this Winter…)  

I had a hard time picking the Literature Girl’s screens. But here are the other two, at the expense of Tadakuni’s real face. Yes, keep crying fella. 

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