Anime Review: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 4


Who the hell are you guys?!


Here’s a tip to redeeming this comedy series: introduce a bunch of secondary male characters, bring in some rival high school girls and have a joint cultural festival. The result? Funny. Hilarious. A creative approach, but only because these dudes knew how to squeeze in an impromptu event in the middle of a program. Karasawa Toshiyuki was easily the most hilarious guy this episode. He also was made into quite a nice zookeeper. It’s no wonder Tadakuni’s nameless imouto would date him over all the dudes. Also, he’s full of mysteries under that cap and that evil gleam. So scary yet so awesomely subtly comical. 

It’s not that the usual trio did nothing but they really didn’t factor into the overall scheme of things, surprisingly. Tadakuni had his difficulties in trying to mesh with his buds and I know how he felt. Meanwhile, Hidenori and Yoshitake’s doppelgangers made this a riot, especially Yoshitake-look alike, Vice President (Yasumoto Hiroki). I don’t blame Ikushima (Saito Chiwa) for suddenly feeling humbled and taking back her words about assuming everything about high school boys. Throw in this one-sided rivalry between the student council president (Ishida Akira) and Ringo (Yuuki Aoi) and this idea that girls are better than boys can be debunked at least for this episode. I mean, for once, the boys win! *cheers* 

This is exactly what I’d expect from this kind of series. A lot of random, funny monkeying around is best suited for a prominently male cast instead of stale attempts at poking fun at culture(s). And I, for one, like the supporting cast much more than the lead three. Still, it’d be nice to see Tadakuni find the real Hidenori and Yoshitake and make up with them so that they can continue their epic journeys to school and mess with the beast that is Tadakuni’s imouto-san.  

GO Rating: 4/5

High school girls are funky for sweets and snacks. 

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

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