Anime Review: Acchi Kocchi – 3


This is snowballing into a flavorful romantic-comedy.


I’m a little more impressed with Acchi Kocchi. The events that transpire aren’t really amazing and are rather mundane but that characters’ quirks make it far more enjoyable than expected. Tsumiki is her usual adorable tsun-tsun self with super strength and lightning speed, but I give Mayoi the honor of being best girl of the episode. If not for her gadgets and her overreactions, I don’t think this episode would have been as funny. Plus I hear she can make a mean omelet. 

Still, much of my attention went to Tsumiki. Even for a girl with a tiny frame, she still commands too much of the focal point in the series. It feels like just about everything she does is nosebleed material. I like how nosebleeds are no longer just confined to something erotic or arousing like I’m used to seeing. It’s also refreshing to see just appealing designs without so much emphasis on the body. And even this idea of a harem for Io isn’t a driving force although I admit that he’s starting to shape into that perfect guy for any girl, including Sakimori Saki (Takamori Natsumi) and Miyama Kana (Konno Hiromi).  

Acchi Kocchi is certainly a pleasant surprise on the romantic-comedy front. It’s not the best in terms of comedy or delivery but it’s good enough—it has my attention to say the very least. I really like the chemistry of the characters and I think I’m more smitten by Mayoi’s nerdy cuteness than Tsumiki’s kitty-cat appeal. I don’t know, I find myself enjoying Acchi Kocchi a little more than I should but I find that side of me to be healthy and satisfied. Let it fly under the radar a wee bit longer so I can keep this show all to myself for the time being. 

GO Rating: 3.5/5

Sorry for the lack of Hime images. She nosebled out of every scene apparently. 

Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

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