Anime Review: Accel World – 21


Implied BL? Awww yeah~~!


Man, variety really is the spice of life, and nothing says variety than a yandere loli with a no-nonsense maid waitress. Words cannot describe how happy I am to see Niko and Leopard in this one. I am so sick of watching Taku and Haru doing pretty much everything that anything was going to make this episode better. Seriously, those two are either melodramatically down on themselves or in a shounen haze of training. And without a montage song no less. Tsk, tsk. Seriously, Haru’s geeking out over an arcade has been the only time we’ve seen him do neither of these things in about seven episodes—maybe longer. I didn’t even bother to check that because it’s probably true. That’s how monotonous these characters have gotten; I can’t be bothered to hide my utter distain for them.

And another thing: what is with this pacing?! Seriously, is it just me? Does this show not move incredibly slow for anyone else? I mean, okay. We’ve got three episodes left before this show is done. Which means that the show will probably end with Nomi. Maybe there wouldn’t be enough time or enough source to create a whole new story arc after Dusk Taker. But come on! Why does it feel like it’s dragging on like this!? I feel like this is Reki Kawahara’s weakness as a writer: he spends WAY too much time on exposition and explanation. There is such a thing as too much detail, you dummy. And unlike Sword Art Online, Sunrise decided to include everything in the anime. I’d rather have a streamlined, compact story than one that’s clunky and awkward. Cutting out the fat makes the huge difference and something Accel World should have done.

I don’t even know anymore man. I’m enjoying the viewing experience, but I can’t not rage at the incredibly slow story. It’s like listening to Paul Ryan’s speech; it might sound good, but it is so full of crap.

GO Rating: 3/5

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