A Return to Pandora In 4 years?



According to producer Jon Landau at a recent screening for the 3D re-release of Titanic, Avatar 2 is about four years away and audiences can expect Avatar 3 only a year later since both movies will be filmed back-to-back. That would put Avatar 2 for a 2016 release, but seeing as we’ve just crossed into 2012 it’d be safe to think that it could make a late 2015 release.

Also, though initially announced for a 2013 or 2014 release when news of the sequels was announced, Cameron and company are looking to advance the 3D technology even further with the added years. 

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I’m fine with waiting another four years for this film. Yes, the film has been overly criticized for its basic plot and framework—yet nobody says the same thing about the Harry Potter franchise *rolls eyes*—but no one can deny that it was a mega-hit with a whopping worldwide gross of $2.7 billion.

Do I expect Cameron to blow me away with a ground breaking plot? No, I honestly don’t and never will expect it from Cameron. Look at his films, they’re not that complex. They’re all rather simple and straightforward with few twists and turns. Would it be nice if he did come up with something complex? Yes, but that’s not the point. He still made a highly enjoyable film and brought me to a whole new world unlike anything I’ve seen to date and that’s something you can’t take away from the film. 

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